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st01.gif Sizes available: 6, 7, 8 foot.
st02.gif Sturdy thick solid core cabinet (thickness 2cm = 3/4in) for standing up to the toughest environments. Sleek wood gran finishing with black inlaid down corners.
st03.gif Slanted, strong legs for perfect stability, equipped with chrome-plated levellers: they allow one person to level a table in minutes without having to lift the table.
st04.gif Wooden handrails covered with post-formed plastic laminate with increased scratch- and fire-resistance, screwed to the construction for easier replacing. Colour: black.
st05.gif Inlaid diamond markers for permanent durability (on versions with American standard pockets).
st06.gif Heavy duty black metal corners with scorers.
st07.gif On request chrome-plated corners for a luxury effect.
st08.gif One-piece 19mm (3/4in) thick slate. Only first quality slates - all surfaces are precision measured and flat-ground - are used to assure the greatest shot perfection. Ensures true ball roll.
st09.gif Slate is covered with high quality worsted wool cloth (80 % wool, 20 % nylon) supplied by well-known companies, for long wear and tear and smoothest ball running. Choice of colour among green, blue, red or salmon.
st10.gif Possibility of requesting an American type cloth (Championship).
st11.gif Hardwood cushion rails screwed to the cabinet for easier replacement. K-66 profile non deformable rubber to provide accurate ball rebound.
st12.gif Standard American pockets (external diameter 13cm, internal diameter 11cm). Smaller pockets (external diameter 10cm, internal diameter 8cm) also available upon request.
st13.gif Ball track system comprised by individually replaceable parts and with no blind spots.
st14.gif Universal ball selector works with both 60,3mm and 54mm cue ball.
st15.gif Anti-theft ball system retains the cue ball after the last numbered ball has been potted.
st16.gif Inside table accessed by opening two service locks, for easy inspecting, maintenance and parts replacing.
st17.gif Hydraulic lifting system - on request - enables one person to lift the slate whenever it is necessary to check the table inside or change the cloth with no need for slate removal.
st18.gif Safe access to the cash-box through a separate door with its own key.
st19.gif Standard mechanical pull-lever coin mechanism with coin counter, can be set for any coin or token and releases all balls at once.
st20.gif On request it is possible to have one of the following options: mechanical coin mechanism with tamper-proof coin counter, mechanical coin mechanism with tamper-proof coin counter and rejector.
st21.gif Ambassador can also be equipped with an electromechanical system, for greater setting possibilities.
st22.gif The electronic system GARL 2001 will allow the maximum versatility, accepting coins of different sizes, setting credits and offering bonuses. For full details on coin mechanisms and options please see the Coin Mechanism section.
st23.gif Housing for American/English style square-front push lever coin mechanism supplied upon request. Please see the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE section for more details.
st24.gif Accessories include: 4 fibreglass cues (145cm long, 122cm long cues available on request) a set of numbered pool balls diameter 57mm including cue ball diameter 60,3mm or 54mm on choice. a triangle a box of 12 chalks a brush a water-proof protection cover
st25.gif Chalk-holder incorporated to the cabinet
st26.gif Ambassador is also available in two freeplay versions: Ambassador with basket pockets and manual ball rescuing. No coin mechanism and inside ball track system will be necessary. Ambassador carambole version is also available, featuring no pockets, no coin mechanism, no ball track system. Ambassador with basket pockets Ambassador carambole version


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