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Corporate Social Responsability: the Environment

The environment policy

Well aware of the consequences of its activity on the environment, Garlando has adopted solutions to minimize the impact of the company production processes. 

Use of raw materials devoid of toxic substances 

The respect of the environment, as well as of the consumer’s health, begins with the choice of non-toxic materials.

For our products we do not use wooden compounds containing formaldehyde or plastics containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. As a consequence, we privilege suppliers following this line.

Recycling and disposing of the waste

The company policy towards waste prescribes recycling whenever possible and, in any case, a separate collection of the different types of waste.

The residuals of plastics that, if disposed of improperly, could produce toxic gases, are collected separately and treated by specialized companies.

The same applies to special waste (toners, ink cartridges, old computers, batteries, ecc).
The waste paper is first recycled internally and then sent for separate collection.

Particularly important for the environment safeguard is the disposal and the recycling of the wooden waste. This is disposed of and at the same time recycled, being transformed into energy through the company incineration plant.

Besides disposing autonomously of a large part of the company waste, the silo supplies the heating for the entire factory, thus eliminating the pollution coming from the use of fuels as the gas oil, and not a little contributing to spare the public energy resources.

Reduction of the energetic consumptions

On the purpose to reduce the energy consumption, the company Manager for the Environment takes the necessary steps to lower the electrical energy and fuel consumption.

The constant monitoring of the electrical and heating consumptions ensures that energies are exploited in relation to the needs of the operating units. 

Production of low consumption articles

The majority of the Garlando products does not require the use of energy. When this is necessary, systems are equipped with low consume modes. 

Re-cycling of the  packagings

The pallets used for the goods transport are always re-cycled, while the cartons for the packagings are disposed of as prescribed by the law. 

Safeguard of the soil

Garlando does not use materials that could cause the pollution of the water tables. For all dumpings are conveyed to the public sewer system.

As set by the regulations ISO 14001, Garlando pursues the research of a programme of continuous improvement.


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